I love fashion magazines and blogs. Can’t get enough of them.

I particularly enjoy the features on real women and the things and places they love.

But something about these features bugs me. Rarely do the “it girls” highlighted work in a STEM field or have a STEM background (STEM = science, technology, engineering & math). IT Girl wants to fill that gap.

The term “it girl” came about in 1927 to describe dashing actress Clara Bow and the definition has remained largely unchanged – today most commonly used in association with actresses, djs, socialites, fashion editors, models, or some combination thereof.

After 87 years it’s time for a makeover.

In essence, an “it girl” is an influencer. Given the starring role science and technology play in our lives – women in these fields could not be more influential.

So I’m dedicating this blog to IT Girls – women with STEM skills, working in STEM fields, who use their talents to shape their worlds and support the lifestyles they love.

“Who are you?” you might ask…

I’m Kate Stahnke. I live in Los Angeles. Marrying my husband and getting my bachelors in computer engineering are the best investments of time and energy I’ve ever made.

I love to design and develop products that make the world (and the web) a better place. I’m currently working with America’s Promise to update their website to better serve their mission of increasing U.S. graduation rates and recently wrapped up with AARP’s Create the Good where I built tools to enable people to volunteer more in their community (either with the help of a nonprofit or on their own schedule).

Formerly, as VP of Product at Causecast, I led a team of incredible individuals in the creation of Causecast’s enterprise SaaS solution for employee giving and volunteering management. I also led Causecast’s campaign to promote girls’ participation in STEM. This involved partnering with great nonprofits and using Causecast’s software to facilitate opportunities for young girls to learn what it’s like to work at a tech company. Girls found the event eye-opening – my favorite quote from the girls participating being “Yes, woman can do everything a man can do, but in heels!”.  I was invited to the White House to speak about the campaign in support of the Equal Future Partnership – an exciting deviation from my day to day to say the least!

Are you an IT Girl? Do you know someone that should be profiled? Just want to say hello? Get in touch!

Shoot me an email at kate@itgirl.co